2. Some early look development / concept for the TV6 architecture ident we created.

  3. A snippet of some recent quick work for Footlocker.

  5. Another quick bit from the BBC job. Working on a quick directors cut now.

  6. Type tests for a pitch that we never won. Alas.

  7. A concept for a BBC promo that I worked on recently. This version was not approved by the client, unfortunately.

  8. New year, New challenges. Going to up my VRay game this year.

  9. Some bits and pieces from Nova that never made the cut.

  10. A few styleframes from a Loreal job I worked on a few months back. Nothing spectacular, but there was something nice about them that never made the final cut of the animation.

  11. A styleframe created a while back for the BT rebrand that we did. This was eventually adapted into an animation - animated by the fantastic Cesar Pelizer. It hasn’t appeared online yet, but im sure it will at some point in the future.

  13. Path to the stars.